FIFA 19 Review

FIFA 19 Review

This year, no doubt, FIFA 19 is one of EA Sports’s most important editions. Ten years later, the big American squad managed to get hold of the UEFA Champions League and all the charm of this competition.

The “Journey” mode continues this time, starring Alex Hunter, Real Madrid, Kim, who is part of the US national team and Danny playing the English league. You will have the chance to play with one character, both on the field and outside, but there is the option to let the three stories intersect and watch the narrative thread.


The FIFA series has always had a disadvantage in recent years compared to “PES”: the relatively low dynamics in the game structure. FIFA 19 now allows you a lot of setting options that have a noticeable effect on gameplay. In addition to team training during the game, there are so-called tactical instructions such as high press or an extremely offensive line in which you defeat the opposing defensive and place your opponent’s opponent.

Tactical instructions are the most functional new elements in FIFA 19 and allow for adapting team behavior to make it much easier. You can choose the team that puts pressure on your opponent, how big the line is to be, if the player needs to wait for the ball or other similar options.

The most important thing is that you can always afford specific tactics for your team. Previously, you could use the four-way option to have a different team during the competition: ultra defensive, defensive, neutral, offensive and ultra-offensive. The difference is that you can now set exactly what each option makes. Each of these tactics can have its own set-up, a different way of pressure and play, giving FIFA the possibility of completely new tactics.

The passage of the opponent is more difficult, and the rhythm seems to have been ultimately neglected. I’ve noticed a few times that very high-speed players have been eliminated by slower backers after crossing the defensive line, which did not happen too much last year.

The air duel was very well outlined by EA, of course a small player can not “face” a player of about 2 meters, which in the previous edition is happening more and more often. At the same time, porters’ performance is mixed.

In the first 2-3 games, your goalkeeper will make a big match and you will begin to adore it and then you will be easily defeated by your opponent and you will conclude that you have given money for nothing.

It’s important to be cautious from the start because the FIFA 18 release was a perfect game, but over time, with the appearance of various patches, the game worsened, making the difference between the experienced and beginner players.


FIFA players come in all shapes and sizes, with fans of all modes of play. However, the main part of the community can be divided into two groups: players who mainly play FIFA Ultimate Team and players who prefer career mode. That is why I was a little disappointed when I realized this year that the career mode has no substantial change. The mode itself was already pretty good in FIFA 18 that it remained unchanged in FIFA 19.

Fortunately, FIFA 19 does not just consist of career and there are many new elements in other parts of the game. The new big picture that EA Sports is proud of is the introduction of UEFA tournaments: Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup of Europe. After replacing these tournaments for many years with false names, EA Sports eventually managed to get the license from Konami.


In FIFA, EA has found the balance between fun and competitiveness through Ultimate Team. In the past years, it has received enough criticism that FUT Champions would be too competitive and normal divisions would be too boring because of the lowest quality prizes. Those from EA came up with a solution to all the problems in FIFA 19 through the new gameplay: Rivals. This way you will discover ten divisions of five classes each. Before you start the adventure, you will have five qualifying matches, based on the results, you will be ranked in one of the ten divisions. Depending on the results you get, you will promote or retrograde in the division. In conclusion, the rule is simple: you are part of a higher division, and the prizes you receive will be better. For Unlimited FIFA coins i sugest FIFA 19 HACK.

The new FIFA 18 game, Squad Battles, remains basically unchanged, but it was a welcome addition last year. Many players have expressed their opinion about the most competitive way to play, namely FUT Champions.

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