One apple per day takes away five types of cancer

One apple per day takes away five types of cancer

Apples have the reputation of keeping the doctor away. Many recent studies have shown that a single apple is an anti-cancer fighter and can reduce the risk of developing several forms of this disease, including breast and lung.

1. Prostate Cancer – Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have found that quercetin, a type of apple flavonoid, can help prevent and treat prostate cancer. A laboratory study found that quercetin prevents or reduces the growth of human prostate cancer cells by blocking androgenic hormone action. Quercetin may be a non-hormonal treatment for the prevention or treatment of prostate cancer.

2. Breast Cancer – A study done on rats at Cornell University found that fresh apple extract slows the growth of breast cancer tumors. Rats were exposed to a carcinogen that develops breast cancer and fed the human equivalent from one to six apples every day for 24 weeks. Tumors evolved to 81% in subjects who did not eat apples. In the case of rats that consumed one, three or six apples, tumors were reduced by 17, 39 and 44%, respectively. Basically, it was not found that the treated animals had fewer tumors, but that these tumors were smaller, less malignant, and grew at a slower pace compared to tumors of untreated rats.

3. Lung Cancer – Following research at a Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School on a consensus of 125,000 Americans, it has been discovered that a lump consumed each day reduces the risk of non-smoker lung cancer by 20%. A Finnish study confirmed these results, and another found that people who eat apples and onions (two quercetin-rich foods) can prevent up to 40-50% of their lung cancer.

4. Colon Cancer – Several recent studies have found a link between apples and the risk of colorectal cancer. Individuals who eat one apple per day reduce the risk of colon cancer by 35%, and those who eat more than one apple reduce this probability by up to 63%. In addition, the results of some German research highlight that apples may increase the production of a compound called butyrate that protects the body against colon cancer.

5. Liver Cancer – The risk of liver cancer decreased in mice fed an apple shell extract by up to 57%. Even if the nutrients in the fight against cancer contain substances in the apple shell, the pulp of apples contains these substances in significant amounts. Another study found that treatment of liver cancer-specific cells with 50 milligram (half teaspoon) of apple extract from unpeeled apple trees inhibited the growth of liver cancer cells by 57%. The apple pulp extract lowers cancer cell levels by only 40%.

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